Our Church

Llanishen Evangelical Church is an independent evangelical church, which exists to ‘Serve God and Serve Others’. It was formed in 1954, and started a new chapter in 2006 when a group of about 20 joined from Highfields Church, Cathays. We offer happy fellowship, clear Bible teaching, missionary minded prayer, kids sunday club, commmunity buffets, and much more. Although we are independently governed we are a member of the Evangelical Alliance (www.eauk.org) and have close links with Highfields Church (www.highfieldschurch.org.uk) .

What we believe

1) One God, holy, loving and just, creator of all things, Who is eternally Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

2) The Father – Father of the Lord Jesus Christ and of those who have received new life in Christ.

3) The Son of God, the Lord Jesus Christ, fully God and fully human, born of the virgin Mary, crucified for our sins, raised from the dead, ascended into heaven, Who will come again and judge the world.

4) The Holy Spirit, Who inspired the Scriptures and indwells every child of God.

5) The forgiveness of sins and eternal life through the atoning death of Christ for us, available upon repentance and faith in Him.

6) The church, the body of Christ, which includes every believer.

Some additional detail relating to doctrine of scripture can be found on the website of the Evangelical Alliance   www.eauk.org  http://www.eauk.org/connect/about-us/basis-of-faith.cf


The 5 leaders are Eirian Davies, John-Mark Frost, Clive Morgan, Steve Williams and James Vilares. We can be reached at info@llec.org.uk

Neighbourhood Visits

We are very happy happy to arrange visits for any reason. 

Prayer Meeting

We meet on altenate Wednesdays for prayer at 7:45-8:45. 

Home Groups

These are small groups for fellowship, prayer and Bible Study. There are 2 groups, Tues 7:30 and Wed 7:30. Ask in church for the venue for that week. 

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