Missionary Minded

We believe it to be of supreme importance that people everywhere should have an opportunity to hear the wonderful good news about Jesus Christ.

Dan and Rachel King are our very own missionaries. As members of this church Dan taught the Bible and Rachel was involved in children's work, banner making and was the official church photographer. They were called by God to work in Tanzania and moved from Cardiff in January 2013. They moved to Mbeya, Tanzania where Rachel was a GP, working in a rural hospital, in a village called IFisi. Dan, previously lecturing at  Cardiff University in Old Testament studies and Biblical languages was a linguist and translation advisor with Wycliffe Bible Translators. Mbeya is a town of 300 000 in the Southern Highlands of Tanzania.

Due to Covid and VISA restictions they returned to the UK in March 2020, to live in Abergavenny. Dan continues to be a consultant translator, for many Tanzanian languages, remotely from Wales. Rachel works locally as a GP.  They have 2 children, Aaron and Lydia. 

As a church we pray for and support a variety of missions.


  1. Jonathan & Amanda Hanley (writing, speaking and personal work, Brittany) www.echoes.org.uk
  2. Books Plus (This is a book shop in the foyer of UHW Cardiff) www.books-plus.org.uk
  3. Street Pastors. Two of our members are passionately involved in this work, giving a helping hand to people out in town late in the evening www.streetpastors.org

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