A New Look Church

You may have heard that we have a building project planned for the summer and autumn of 2024.

Our planned works include:

  1. Enlarging and refitting our kitchen to improve our ability to do mass catering for our church family and community
  2. Installing a staircase into the loft, creating a better storage area and new additional room for church activities
  3. Building an extension on the north side of the building which faces the community to house a warm and welcoming entrance to the building and an office/study for a pastor
  4. Reconfiguring the current study, storage area and creche to create a larger dedicated creche room with window into main hall and a more useable meeting room with storage
  5. Refurbishing all the toilets
  6. Creating new pathways and a ramp around the church building to improve access
  7. Replacing the existing roofs, heating pipes/radiators, lighting, sound and projector.

We're grateful to God that a large proportion of the funds are already in place but we are still short of the funds we need to finish all the project described. If you have any questions about the project or would like any more information, please get in touch with us.

Here's a video from Eirian to explain how the building will change.

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